Set Up A Blog Fast And Begin Publishing Digital Content

Set Up A Blog Fast

It is easier than you think

Set up a blog fast

Set up a blog fast with wordpress.com

You can set up a blog fast if you do the basics of website design and marketing. Agencies and hosting companies will try to sell you on design and management services. However, you can save the cost and lots of time by bootstrapping a website yourself.

You’ll need a Content Management System platform that hosts your files and displays them to your visitors. WordPress.com is the best site for a hosted website because it has all the tools and it’s open enough to be flexible and forgiving; many of the other platforms locking you into a proprietary system that’s difficult to leave when you realize WordPress was a better choice.

Set up a blog fast and free

You go from zero to publishing on the WordPress platform once you complete the following three steps:

  • Choose a name and set up related accounts
  • Configure your blog
  • Start posting and keep posting
WordPress has plans

WordPress has plans that cover a range of costs and features.

WordPress handles 27% of all websites, and they will respect your data. You can make a backup copy at home, import or export your site files you can do that too. Not all hosted content management systems will do that for you.

You can post a free website or blog on WordPress.com with a restricted range of plugin features. The name will be a subdomain of WordPress.com such as documentsarego.wordpress.com; this will be enough to get you going at a very low cost.

You also need some accounts at critical points in the social media sphere; you should set them up at the same time to make certain that you get the account names that match your website.


Step 1. Choose names and create accounts

The first few instructions here are simple, but they are crucial:

  • Decide on a business name that is available as a .com domain
  • Choose your blog name of fewer than sixteen characters
  • Purchase that domain name and a few others around it such as .io or .org
  • Set up a Gmail account with that name in the address (you can always forward the mail to your primary account)
  • Register the business name as a trademark
  • Create a Twitter account for that name and whatever social platform you hope to use
  • Set up a WordPress.com hosting account in the name of your intended domain
  • If any of these do not work start again
Choose the blogging format

Choose the blogging format on WordPress.com

Pick a name for your blog, register it as a domain and create a WordPress account with that name as your account name. Start writing. Keep writing. And keep writing. And writing, and writing. Use the same account name for all your social media platforms so that you have the congruent basics of a brand focused on your blog.

You have to do all of this at once as, by Murphy’s Law, any delay can and will cause you to lose the name you want. In the extreme cases, the most cynical platform owners will hold your preferred name hostage or offer it to other shoppers if you link away from the site without securing it.

Step 2. Configure your WordPress blog platform

Sign up with WordPress.com and secure the subdomain that matches your domain name. You will want to switch it to your domain name as soon as you are comfortable blogging and feel ready to carry the extra cost of a service fee in return for expanded service features.

Choose a theme for your blog

Choose a theme for your blog.

As part of the WordPress.com signup process, you will need to make a choice between a blog a website, etc. Then it will ask which template to choose or offer to skip setting a theme. This article is about getting a blog started fast, so skip it and move on, you can always change it in the future.

Now you should see your blog as it will appear when you publish it. Click on the WordPress symbol at the top left of your screen where it says “My Site” and you will see a menu appear at the upper lefthand side of the window.

Get an Akismet plugin API key to filter spam

There is one thing you must do to secure your site against spam, and that is to activate the Akismet plugin. So scroll down to the Plugin link and click on it. Find the link for Akismet by Automattic and click on it.

Akismet from Automattic

Akismet prevents comment spammers from posting nonsense and spam in the comment section of your blog posts. No blog is safe without this feature!

You need an API key, and the link is on the page so scroll down to where there is a link to the Akismet site. Once there the site will instruct you to get an API key. Click the link and authorize it to use your WordPress.com account, the next page will give you choices of service levels. Select the free service and proceed. You only need this as a tool for spam filtering.

The next page will again attempt to sign you up for paid services at $36 per year. Unless you want to donate, just move the slider to the left until it is free once again. Fill in your name in the boxes and click the continue button. You can now sign out of Akismet and go back to WordPress.com. Your site has set the API key automatically, and the spam protection is active. Done.

Some points about styling your posts

Edit your posts

Edit your posts for style and to win at SEO.

Step 3. Publish posts to your blog

Now that you have set up a blog fast it’s time to start writing and posting. On the list of the My Site menu, you should see Posts as an option and click on Add. Follow the instructions to create your first blog posts.

  • Make sure to add an image for each post
  • Use your images and stock photos
  • Always include a featured image
  • A catchy title
  • Break the post down into short paragraphs of two or three sentences
  • Separate the sections with headlines in “Heading 2” that relate to the point you are, making them

The posts should be at least three to four hundred words each, and if you can make them longer, it’s better as long as it is interesting and relevant. Focus each post on a topic with words that you think the people who you wish to reach might use to search for content. Never copy text directly and if you have a source link to it in the text.

Set up a blog fast and follow through with commitment

Content is the structure of your presence on the Internet. A post on your blog is like a brick for the house that you build one brick at a time. It’s easy to start and hard to follow through, and all the prizes go to the people with the passion and self-discipline to follow through.

The value of your blog comes from the ability to attract traffic and to engage with your visitors. You will probably need to blog consistently for months or even a year or two to get any recognition. There are no shortcuts for this!

Learn about blogging and build a brand for yourself

Blogging is easy to learn and hard to do, but the ultimate rewards are more than money. If you have something for which you are truly passionate, it will be worth it to follow through for more time than seems sensible right now. From your first digital perch, you can move forward and build relationships with readers and

This post discusses the basic level of blogging, and if it helps you to set up a blog fast, that’s a good thing. To advance beyond the basics, content creation and presence building campaigns have to take the next steps. You must continue to learn, grow, and improve your content.

Learn how to do Search Engine Optimization. Develop the habit of filling in the metadata around your posts, such as adding keyword phrases that reflect your content strategy. Search for resources online to learn how to get the most out of your content. The Become A Blogger Website is one such resource and a great place to start learning.

Upgrade your website to a paid level of service with WordPress.com or go self-hosted with WordPress.org. Improve your blogging site with plugins such as Yoast SEO and install Google analytics to measure your performance.

Now go set up a blog fast

Blogging is hard work, and you will have to be fully committed to making it work. The most successful bloggers have worked extremely hard to get the recognition. If you want that kind of success, you will have to do the work to get there.

However, you can get some real benefit from your blog without going to extremes as long as you put in the effort to write the posts on a regular basis. If you post interesting articles at least once a week it will help to bring in the readers and begin the long-term process of establishing your brand and you as an authority on your subject.

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