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SAN DIEGO, 7/23/2014 – Freelance writer and author Geoffrey Craig announces the launch of the Documents are Go website. Craig has been using the brand as a DBA name, having originally taken it as his online freelancing nom de plume on Elance.com. The service on offer includes writing articles for the World Wide Web, report writing, sales letter and webpage copywriting, and press release writing.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are perfectly capable of writing their own content. However as content becomes more important to a business’s presence, in search and to the audience, owners rarely have the time or the experience to write with confidence.

Documents Are Go is a San Diego based content development service, to which busy entrepreneurs and startup founders can turn to delegate the development of written content. The business name originated from the founder’s online account profile for one of the largest online freelancing services.

Geoff is an Anglo-American freelance writer, currently residing in San Diego, California. He has an MBA from National University and has been self-employed for more than two years. He writes about diverse topics including finance, business and technology. His passions include writing, oil painting, spaceflight, a well made Dry Rye Manhattan and vintage ship appreciation, in no particular order.

Craig discovered a love of non-fiction writing during a sociology class. He has been self-employed as a writer since May of 2012. Originally working from home he was able to establish a reputation and gained valuable experience. He has recently been working from a desk at the Co-Merge Co-Working Space and Business Center in Downtown San Diego.


For examples of previous work or answers to any questions you may have, see the website at: doxrgo.com

You can also find the founder at Co-Merge or by email at info@doxrgo.com

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