Freelance Writer Geoffrey Craig Is Now Inbound Marketing Certified 

Freelance Writer Geoffrey Craig Is Now Inbound Marketing Certified

This press release announces that I am now Inbound Marketing Certified.  I have completed the Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification.

San Diego, CA – Freelance content creator Geoffrey Craig has successfully finished the certification test for Inbound on the Hubspot Academy Platform. The Inbound Certification rounds out his ability to create valuable content for business websites and blogs. Geoffrey intends to complete further certifications via Hubspot Academy.

Inbound Marketing Certified Content Resets The Buyer Experience

Geoff says, “The reason that I chose this certification is that the majority of my clients either own a business that engages Inbound Marketing and sales or acts as an agent on behalf of customers who do.” He went on to explain, “The advantage to my clients lies in the best practices and methodology of Inbound Marketing.”

“Best content marketing practices provide all of the essential elements to make written material compelling to targeted audiences. The benefit to my clients is that they receive a service that furthers their goals of engagement, lead conversion, and growing ROI.”

The Digital World Requires A Marketing Transformation

Geoff Craig has worked as a freelance writer since 2012. He has an undergraduate degree in Real Estate Management from the University of Central England (Now Birmingham City University). H has an MBA (with Distinction) from National University in La Jolla California, which he achieved in 2011.

The goal that Geoff seeks with Inbound Marketing certifications is the most relevant and useful skill set and knowledge in business writing for the new digital age. Traditionally, marketers and sellers held power in the relationships with their customers. That has completely changed now because of the access to information that buyers have through the Internet.

The Inbound Methodology enables brands to respond in a way that these more savvy buyers appreciate. Buyers reach out to find solutions and expect to make the first move. Brands must be discoverable via search and distribute content that offers real value. Sellers and marketers find customers through influence in the form of careful positioning, as well as a disciplined conversion process that creates positive experiences and valid solutions.

Hubspot Provides Software Tools For The Inbound Methodology

Hubspot operates from its headquarters in Cambridge MA. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded the company in 2005, and it is presently listed on the NYSE (HUBS). The company leads in providing digital resources to improve the quality and distribution of engaging and useful content.

The Hubspot software platform provides an integrated marketing solution that has grown an extensive ecosystem of associated marketing teams. These agencies provide highly experienced and talented marketers who help brands maximize their digital presence. Geoffrey’s freelance content creator practice focuses on producing Inbound certified content for marketing agencies and directly to clients who seek to publish it.


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